Pastors & Staff

John Kupitz

Associate & Youth Pastor 

John was born in 1979 and raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley. While there, he developed an interest in theatre. This led him to Seattle Pacific University where he earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts. In his senior year at SPU, John was given the opportunity to work with a youth group as an intern. After two months he was promoted to part-time youth pastor. In 2003, he married his beautiful wife Heidi.
John came on board the UEFC staff in February 2007 and has been praying fervently for the youth and children of Klamath Falls ever since. In December of 2015, John earned a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies (MABTS) from Western Seminary.

When he’s not at the church or hanging out with young people, John can be found with Heidi spending time with his three kids Josiah, Daisy, and Jonah.

Tori Lancaster 

Children's Ministry Leader

Tori Lancaster was born and raised in Klamath Falls. She graduated from Hosanna Christian School 2011 and graduated from Western Governors University in 2021 with a degree in Elementary Education. Before coming to UNITED she worked in the Klamath County Elementary school teaching music and theater. Tori joined the UNITED staff in August 2020. She is so grateful to UNITED for the wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus to children.  

When Tori is not at the church she enjoys camping and everything Disney with her husband Trent.

Pat Carpenter 

Receptionist  & Building Use Coordinator 

Pat was born in Pennsylvania, but raised in southern California. There she attended a Friends Church, where she received Christ as her personal Savior. She attended Whittier Christian High School in Whittier, CA. She married a wonderful Christian man named Skip Carpenter in 1962. They both moved to Oregon in 1971, and over the years Pat has worked several jobs doing secretarial work.

Pat and Skip have been attending UEFC for over thirty years, and Pat has served as the receptionist since 2009. She also has two adult children, Dave and Shelley, who are presently living here in Oregon.

Tim Lancaster

Worship Coordinator

Tim Lancaster has been a church member and a worship leader at UNITED for over 20 years. He was raised in a Christian home and found the Lord at an early age. His father decided to start a singing group and travel, so with his mom at piano, father as bass and two sisters he began traveling all over the northwest at the age of 10.  After college and marriage he began his profession however after losing his first wife the family returned to singing again. This time with the addition of a new member , his new wife , Jackie.  After several years due to the loss of his mom the pianist the group stopped singing concerts around the northwest, which lead him into worship leadership in the church, where he has been since.

In 2017 he came down with Leukemia and because of chemo therapy and a stem cell transplant could no longer serve as a worship leader.  After being cured via the stem cell and our Lord, he has taken on the role of worship coordinator seeing the need at UNITED in 2021. Since he no longer has the lung capacity to sing a complete set he is honored to serve in any capacity he can for ministry that he loves.

Tim is married to his wife of 42 years, they have two children, a daughter , Tori who serves as UNITED’s Children’s Ministry Leader and a son, Joey who is serving in a church in Hawaii.

Avery Sandusky 

Communications & Youth Ministry Intern 

Since moving to Klamath Falls in 2020, Avery has been an active member of UEFC's youth group. After graduating in 2021, she became a youth ministry leader, and then the youth ministry intern in 2022. Her job at UNITED involves facilitating communication between staff, volunteers, and the congregation, managing and creating content our social media platforms, and serving in our youth ministry.