To equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ

Ephesians 4:12

Equipping U begins at 9:30am each Sunday, and goes until 10:15, right before our worship service begins.

These classes are an excellent time for spiritual growth and development, covering a wide range of topics fro believers at every stage. During the Equipping U hour, the kids engage in "UKids Elementals", designed to foster spiritual growth and discipleship in a combined-age program for kids 4yrs-6th grade.  

Current Equipping U Classes

The Way of the Master

Led by Skip Carpenter and Paul Rowan. Based on the TV series, this is a basic training course specially designed to help believers in a group setting to simply and confidently share Christ with family, friends, and strangers. As an evangelism course that helps to apply our faith in a meaningful way in the world of today, this study supports UEFC efforts to participate with the unified churches of Klamath Falls in the Greater Klamath Cityfest happening this summer.


Led by Rick Sonerholm. This will be an exploration of the forms, purpose, uses, and subject matter of the 150 Psalms, along with how to study and use them today. For parents of youth, this may also provide opportunities to engage in discussions as the Youth Group will be exploring the Psalms on Sunday nights. Every lesson would be illustrated by several examples familiarize people with the Psalms themselves, not just facts about the Psalms, and it would give practical experience in how to study and understand Psalms as opposed to historical writings, or other scriptures. The approach used in this study will also help people grow in read and study the Bible in general.

Books of the Moment

Led by Rhea Simonsen and Patty Petrrovich. Join us as we transition from Books that Have Stood the Test of Time to our new Library EU class, Books of the Moment.  Our times are changing rapidly and so is our call as Christians to know how to address these cultural challenges in a meaningful way.  Our library has an excellent selection of books that addresses these challenges.  Come read and join us in this conversation.  You’ll see how perfectly God’s Word untangles the twists and turns with truth.

With all of the different options,
there is something for everyone!