Lead Pastor Search

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in applying for the lead pastor position at United Evangelical Free Church in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Our search team has compiled the documents and information you see on this page in order to help you get to know who we are and what we are looking for in our new pastor.  We pray that it is helpful to you as you consider whether we might be a good fit for each other.
If, after prayerfully considering our church and community, you are interested in the lead pastor position, we’d be delighted to hear from you.  

The process we intend to follow includes the following steps:

1. Candidate submits application, cover letter, and resume by emailing searchteam@uefc.org
2. Search team reviews the application packet and gives an initial response within 2-3 weeks
3. Applicants who pass the first screening will be given a second questionnaire with essay questions
4. We will schedule a phone interview and reference checks with applicants that pass the second screening (usually within 1-2 weeks of receiving the second questionnaire)
5. We will visit the top candidates at their home church and conduct in-person interviews
6. The top candidate will be invited to come and spend a weekend with our church

Choosing a new ministry (for you) and choosing a new lead pastor (for us) are nuanced and weighty decisions, and the process is comparable to a courtship.  We are committed to relying on the Lord to direct both us and you and we hope the various stages we have outlined will allow for the depth of communication and personal connection necessary to explore the compatibility between you and our church.  Please let us know at any time during the process if you have questions, concerns, or prayer needs.  May the Lord bless you and direct your steps during your search for a new ministry.

In Christ,
The Search Team:
Phil S., Anna, Susan, Phil H., Tahlia, Avery, and David

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desired qualities in our lead pastor

The following qualities are most important in our next lead pastor. The explanation for each item follows the list.

1. A Godly man of the Word and prayer
2. Someone who embraces our vision for the future and is prepared to equip the
saints to fulfill that vision
3. Quality Bible teaching and preaching that is both relatable and transformational
4. Demonstrated ability in evangelism and disciple making
5. Willing and able to equip and deploy people into ministry
6. Sound in doctrine and practice. Seminary degree preferred
1. If our new pastor is not a man of God, none of the other attributes will matter. If he
truly is a man of God, then God will use him in our midst.

2. Over the last nine months, many trusted individuals have been prayerfully forming a vision of where
God is leading our church. It is important that our new pastor embrace that vision rather than
trying to impose their own. The vision is not that the new pastor be the one to do all the
work, rather that he equip us to do the work.

3. This church was founded with the desire to provide quality in-depth Bible teaching.
This has been a valued distinctive ever since and there is a strong desire that this
continue. However, the preaching should not merely be Biblical, it must also be
applicational enough to produce a transformational response in listeners. The preaching
should be accessible to the unchurched people that we invite to visit our church, and it
should regularly include a Gospel presentation.
In order for the preaching to be relevant to our lives, the pastor has to be one who
understands his people and his culture. This cannot be gained only by study; it has to
also come from relationships. This person needs to spend enough time ministering to the
hurting and rubbing shoulders with people in the church and the community to form these
relationships. It would help to have an engaging personality.

4. There has long been an aspiration to be a disciple making church, but it has been
more of an aspiration than a reality. We want a pastor that can help make it a reality.
Teaching doesn’t necessarily equate to growth. It is an essential element, but a person
needs to grow not just in knowledge, but in the experience of the life of Christ and in
fruitfulness. This is best learned through relationship, life on life and personal discipline.
We need someone who can’t help but be sharing the life of Christ with others in a
personal way. There needs to be evidence of fruit-bearing relationships that will serve
as an example for the congregation.

5. Whether the next pastor is a strong visionary or not, he needs to be good at
implementation. We can get help in developing vision, but it is up to us to carry it out. As
an implementer he needs to be able to develop next steps, and to understand how to
equip people for various ministries and how to release people to take responsibility
when they are ready.

6. Basic requirements include agreement with our doctrines and distinctives. He needs
to be godly – a man of the Word and of prayer. If he has a family, they need to be his
higher priority. He needs to value grace and be able to extend it. He needs to continue
the practice of UEFC being a safe place that still takes sin and its effects seriously.

In short we desire a “teachable leader.” Someone who can keep us focused on Christ
and his mission, but who is also a good listener, open to what our Lord is doing through
his people, the body.